Thunder Innovation 12V PRO Engine Heater

Most Advanced Heating Technology From Thunder Innovation:

1.Unique technology: Fiber glass built inside the heating element,ensures best heating efficiency ,heating distribution and longer using life

2.Cover is made of premium fireproof and heat resistant material, fit design, easily tighten or loosen

3.Built with the world famous Deutsch connector, thermoplastic (-55 to + 125 Celsius degree operating temperature). Environmentally sealed , heat resistant , waterproof, professional and safe

4. Fits all .19-.26 R/C nitro engines



The Thunder Innovation R/C engine pre-heater is a heating tool and electrical component; improper use of it can result in injury. Please read carefully and follow all directions.





 -Place the heater over the engine cooling head and keep the wire facing the rear wing

 -Adjust the Velcro to tighten the heater on the engine cooling head

 -Plug the connector to 12 volts of power (11.1v 3S LiPo battery or other 12V power source. 11.5V is recommended but never exceed 12.6v when in operation,automotive batteries SHOULD NOT  be used to power the heaters since voltage is over 13V which mean are beyond 12.6V .)

 -Pre heat cycle is from 5-15 minutes based on the ambient temperature

 -Disconnect the power when pre heat is finished

 -Place the glow starter through the hole on top to start the engine once desired temperature is reached (180’-200’F is recommended before starting engine)

 -Loosen the Velcro and carefully remove the heater (element is extremely hot)

 -Put heater it in a safe place



 -Check out the wire/element/connector before using. DO NOT use it if damaged

 -Make sure to disconnect power before installing or removing the heater

 -Never leave the heater on when vehicle is in operation

 -Never refuel your vehicle while using the heater

 -Do not touch the element after using (Extremely hot), it will cause burns.

 -Make sure to unplug the heater when not in use and keep in a safe place after using

 -People less than 15 years old should be supervised by an adult when using the heater

 -Do not bend or pull the wire while connecting the element as it may cause failure of heating operation


Thunder Innovation can not take responsibility of any damage or injury during use or storage of this heater. User accepts all the responsibilities for the safe use of this product