34MM Steel Pro One Clutch System (Medium)


Clutch tuning is one of the most important aspects of 1/8 scale nitro racing.  Using the best-suit clutch system under different track conditions will help you get podium at the races. Thunder Inovation now provide you with this 4-shoes Pro One Clutch System  which provides ultimate performance, great tunability and flexiabilty, ease of assembly and long lifespan. The shoe design also provide much more contact with bell .


Three types of flywheel for different track conditons:

Light(Aluminum): Used on high traction surfaces and to provide a little extra bottom end snap from your engine. Clutch engages easier and faster.

Medium & heavy : Used to tune for low traction surfaces, as well as to smooth out low RPM power delivery on engines that have a strong bottom end hit.


Assemble direction: Put the clutch shoes with springs into the flywheel pins, place the outer clutch retainer over the assembly with spring posts aligned with notches in the retainer, and give the retainer a twist to load the clutch springs.


Disassemble direction: Remove the clutch nut, and pull it off the crank, done!  


Come with: 4 pcs of 6061 premium aluminum shoes

                   1 set of  steel flywheel

                   1 pcs of steel clutch nut

                   1 pcs of clutch collet

                   1 sets of springs (0.9/1.0/1.1)

                   2 pcs of 8*12*1 shims